Dream Team Carnival is now Amazon Carnival

We started our journey in 2007 as Dream Team Carnival with a passion for our culture and also to make a positive impact on the Carnival landscape not just in Trinidad but globally. The last 10 exciting years have seen Dream Team in almost all the major Carnivals and festivals worlwide along with some other major projects including Bollywood in Mumbai India in 2013. Aside from design and production of quality and affordable costumes for ground sections we also design and produce larger costumes (king, queen and Individual) as well as backdrops for events.

Our passion and love for what we do is our driving force and it shows in our prices and work quality which is unbeatable in the industry.

After 10 years as Dream Team Carnival we decided to rebrand with a new and bigger team to offer much more to our loyal existing members as well as new masqueraders.

Our section leaders will be available upon registration to help you customize your costume where possible to suit your needs. This is just one of the personalized services our new brand will be offering.


Why pay for two days when you can only play for one

Over the years Carnival costumes have been tied as one package which made it a bit of a sticky decision for persons only wanting to play for one day. Work schedules and other complications continues to be a hindrance for a lot of persons who actually want to participate in the Carnival but cannot commit for two days.

Our one day full packages will solve that growing problem. Now you can register only for the day you want to play. Our full two day packages remains for the majority who can commit to two days of fun and excitement.

We have also extended our group offer packages with lower first deposit payments to secure your costume.

Our team is ready and excited to welcome you to Amazon Carnival and give you....

"the time of your life"